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401(k) Pre-Retirement Solutions

There is a fundamental flaw in the way that most Americans prepare for retirement. The days of employer-provided pensions are all but gone in the private sector. For most people, the vast majority of their retirement savings is in a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan, which allows them to direct their own investments among a menu of 15-20 diversified funds, hoping to convert those investments at retirement into a stream of income that will last them their entire lifetime. Check out the videos below to learn about the problem with this situation and how it can be fixed.

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When discussing investor behavior it is helpful to first understand the specific thoughts and actions that lead to poor decision-making.  Investor behavior is not simply buying and selling at the wrong time, it is the psychological traps, triggers and misconceptions that cause investors to act irrationally.  That irrationality leads to buying and selling at the wrong time, which contributes to underperformance (by about 6% annually over the long term, according to this report).

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If given a choice, would you prefer to reach retirement with 79% more money than the typical investor?  Easy question, right?

Many retirement savers are given exactly this choice, yet only a third end up enjoying the extra cash. What's the difference?  Prudent, high-quality advice that helped them avoid emotionally driven decisions.

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Even the company that promotes the "Do It Yourself" approach has concluded that an advisor brings a lot of value to the table.

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68% of workers say they don’t know as much as they should about retirement investing.  With personal advice from a trusted source, you now have the all the tools necessary to develop the wealth needed to retire on time and with enough money.

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