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Compass College Planning

For Schools, Clubs and Organizations

For Schools, Clubs and Organizations

We're a Certified Instructor for College Funding Educators of America, a non-profit dedicated to helping families of college-bound students understand how the complex need-based financial aid process works. We present college funding strategies that will help reduce the out-of-pocket expense, thereby minimizing the impact on parent income and assets.

We teach families with young children about the various ways to save for college, and which of those ways will best position them for maximum financial aid eligibility.

It is important for families to understand the importance of a Prepared Student in the paying for college process, so we itemize strategies for the student to concentrate on throughout their high school years, not just when they are seniors in high school.

We educate families about how the cost of college has changed over the past four decades, and why it's critical to lay out a funding plan for the whole family, so they can clearly understand what they can afford. We present loan strategies available to both students and parents, since most families today will need to borrow to help cover college costs.

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For Parents and Students

For Parents and Students

College Planning Relief® is a comprehensive college planning solution

We provide parents with the keys to make informed decisions about the skyrocketing cost of college, and prepare students for the college application/selection process using a powerful and easy-to-use methodology.

What makes this program unique and what every family must understand is that financial solutions must be holistic in nature in order to provide the greatest client value. CPR – College Planning Relief® does not seek to simply identify a funding plan for college. The goal is to provide clients with solutions that address multiple financial goals simultan-eously: paying for college, home ownership, retirement income, and lifestyle.


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College Funding

College Funding

You cannot plan for something you don't fully understand.
Before making any college plans, there are two things you must know:
1. How much will it cost?
2. What impact will that expense have on all other financial goals (retirement, other children's education, lifestyle)?

If what you thought to be true about financial aid turned out not to be, when would you want to know about it?

The typical approach would have you paying college costs with current savings and once funds are exhausted looking for opportunities to borrow. Then, a second job or additional income, and finally seeking help in filling out financial aid forms.

A better approach would be first things first: apply for financial aid and become cash flow efficient - avoid wealth transfers. Then, determine borrowing sources and, finally, deplete assets as a last resort.

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