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CPR Employer Benefits Program

From America's Premier College Planning Organization

Help your employees put their children through college without jeopardizing their retirement savings!

At no cost to you!

Program Overview

CPR - College Planning Relief® is a comprehensive college planning solution that provides your employees with the knowledge they need to make informed college decisions with and for their children.  The cost of a college education is daunting and most parents are unprepared emotionally and financially for the major life transition of sending their child to college.

CPR is a time tested program that:

  • Arms your employees with the information they need to effectively select, prepare and pay for college without jeopardizing their life savings.
  • Offers a comprehensive tool that takes a high school student step-by-step through the college planning process.

Program Benefits

Your employees will receive valuable information about college planning and funding that can help avoid costly mistakes and potentially qualify for thousands of dollars in additional financial aid - all free-of-charge to you.

Employer Benefits

  • Provides a high-value benefit to your employees at no cost to you.
  • Demonstrates your vested interest in your employees and their families
  • Differentiates you from other employers
  • Improves productivity through reduced employee financial concerns

Employee Benefits

  • Provides free college funding education
  • Employees can pursue additional college planning opportunities
  • Potentially reduces 401k borrowing
  • Creates employer-employee goodwill

What You Need to Know

We rotate our presentations throughout the year.  Getting this information into the hands of your employees is critical to their future success and savings.

FAFSA presentationWinter
Middle school presentationSpring
Athletic presentationSummer
High school presentationFall

Work with your College Planning Relief expert to offer the educational presentations for your employees and start helping them today!