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10 Step Client Process

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our initial planning process typically consists of 10 steps over at least two meetings.  You never have to worry about bringing your checkbook to the first meeting.  We'll share our process with you and only when you're comfortable with what we do and we agree that we can help you will there be any need to discuss compensation.  Even if we proceed to the next steps you'll be apprised of our compensation and whether or not there will be fees involved (sometimes there aren't any, depending on what we're doing for you).  We want you to be comfortable with who we are, what we do, and we want you to be empowered with the knowledge that we'll share with you so that you are confident as you begin implementing your plan.

But the process doesn't stop there.  We're not here to just sell you a financial product, we're here to review the plan on a regular basis and make corrections as necessary all the way through the journey.

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