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Passport to Retirement®

Set your company apart from the competition with this fantastic recruiting, retention and profitability tool.

This course creates an educational deep-dive for employees and spouses using a multi-session format that's perfect for a worksite or education setting.  It features a customized color 135-224 page workbook for participants and begins with Roadblocks to a Successful Retirement.  The curriculum continues with seven content-rich sections:

  • Define and Create Your Own Retirement
  • Assess the Costs
  • Evaluate Your Sources of Income
  • Invest for the Future
  • Protect Your Health and Wealth
  • Receive Funds from Your Retirement Plans
  • Manage Your Estate Distribution 

The multi-session approach allows employees and their spouses to engage together in an educational setting.  They will feel empowered to begin taking steps toward a more secure retirement with a renewed sense of value, appreciation and loyalty for their employer.  Your first class will be your biggest cheerleaders for other employees to take advantage of this opportunity!

This is strictly an informational course.  You have our assurance that absolutely no "selling" or recommendations will take place during the course.  Participants will be offered a free financial analysis at the end of the course if they complete the fact-finder as well as a complimentary one-hour consultation in the privacy of our office.  They are welcome, but not required, to take advantage of this offer.

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Passport to Retirement® represents a third party presentation and is not affiliated with Compass Financial Strategies or LPL Financial.

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