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Rethink Retirement

This comprehensive educational course is designed to equip today’s Baby Boomer with information on how retirement today is different from previous generations. The curriculum is engaging and in a classroom setting with your peers, which means you might learn more just from questions asked by your peers.  Appropriate for either pre-retirees or those already in retirement, this two-day/night course covers five main topics:

  • Retirement Distribution Pitfalls
    • Ways to address "Sequence of Returns" risk
    • Ways to address "Longevity" Risk - the risk of outliving your retirement income
    • Learn why the 4% rule no longer applies
  • Social Security Income Benefits
    • Enhance Social Security benefits
    • Learn about Social Security filing strategies
    • Minimizing any taxation on Social Security benefits
  • Retirement Strategies
    • Strategies to reduce taxes in retirement
    • Types of retirement accounts
    • Should you consider a Roth, and what are the considerations for tax-advantaged or tax-deferred assets?
    • How IRAs and 401(k)s may affect any Social Security taxation
  • Estate Preservation
    • Ways to help reduce estate taxes
    • Considerations and the importance of wills, trusts and powers of attorney
  • Long-Term Care Planning
    • Medicaid spend down rules
    • How a long-term care event may be catastrophic for your retirement
    • Long-Term Care coverage innovations


As we go through materials in the book, you will have the opportunity to engage with your facilitator as questions arise.  In fact, questions are encouraged as other attendees may be wondering the same thing! Each chapter wraps up with a short quiz and we will review answers and make sure everyone understands all the information before we move on to the next chapter.


This is 100% optional, but it is offered for no additional charge or obligation to attendees as an added benefit to those who attend this retirement course. You will have the option to sign up for this third segment after the course is completed if you’d like to discuss particular topics you’ve covered with your facilitator in more detail. This segment would be scheduled outside of the 2 segments of class time.


You will be provided with a 2-volume set of course workbooks, which include an easy reference glossary. Assessment quizzes are also a part of your workbooks and help to reinforce the information you are learning.  The workbooks are a resource for you to use during class, and as a reference after the course is completed.

Rethink Retirement represents a third party presentation and is not affiliated with Compass Financial Strategies or LPL Financial.

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