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World of Business Reading Group

We're now offering a complimentary financial literacy course to high schoolers in our area.  Inspired by the writings of Warren Buffett and a team of Harvard Business School alumni, the course is designed to equip teenagers with a solid understanding of business concepts and give them a foundational knowledge of investment principles.  By participating in the course, high schoolers will be more prepared to take on financial responsibilities as they move away from home and go out into the world, whether they plan to pursue higher education or immediately enter the workforce.  Even more, this course can help set up young people for success when they enter their chosen profession, as they’ll understand how businesses work and what makes them profitable—which are often concepts not taught in high school or even college.

The course is made up of six, hour long sessions, and is primarily discussion-based, so students gain experience sharing their thoughts and critically thinking through complex concepts alongside their peers.  We're offering this course because we believe deeply in the need for financial literacy and helping better
prepare our young people to be good financial stewards.  Many teenagers go out into the world unprepared to manage their finances, and we want to help ensure high schoolers in our community have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of investing, business, and personal financial management.

There is no cost for the course, and once done, students will receive a completion certificate proving their work and rewarding them for their efforts.

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