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Financial Education

<p>The Financial Literacy Crisis</p>

The Financial Literacy Crisis

Many Americans are operating their personal finances with only the barest minimum of knowledge.
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We Provide Financial Education in 4 Settings



Help your employees get information on how to get past their financial struggles and become focused and engaged in their job.

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Schools, Athletic &#38; Parent Organizations

Schools, Athletic & Parent Organizations

Representing the nonprofit College Funding Educators of America, we provide free seminars on various aspects of the college planning process throughout the year.

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College &#38; Adult Education

College & Adult Education

Gain exposure and help build your school's scholarship fund while offering a very valuable educational resource to the adult community.

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Associations, Churches &#38; Community Organizations

Associations, Churches & Community Organizations

Provide your members with critical financial strategies such as getting out of debt, planning for college, retirement and more.  No gimmicks, no expensive materials to purchase.

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